Commercial Vehicle Financing caters to individual and corporate customers using a ‘single window service’, accessible through dealers, for their financing needs of owning and running commercial vehicles. Frontier Capital Limited [FCL] (Formerly Known as Frontier leasing and Finance Limited) finances a wide range of products from Commercial Vehicles to Construction Equipment, through a distribution network spanning across 109 dealerships in 79 cities in India. A thorough operations & process flow ensures prompt and appropriate assessment of customer needs for tailor made requests.


Channel Financing is an innovative product to extend working capital finance to dealers having business relationships with large Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers (OEM’s) in India. This may be in the form of either cash credit facilities or as a bill discounting line of credit. Through channel financing, dealers can leverage their relationship in sourcing low cost funds with support from their counterparts. Through Channel finance dealers can avail::
- Discounting of trade bills drawn by corporate and accepted by the dealer/distributor
- Limited overdraft facility to the dealer/distributor for his business dealing with large corporate


Frontier Capital Limited [FCL] proposes to provide financial products in the form of Loans or NCDs against securities like pledge of listed equity shares or other liquid collateral like fixed deposit, units of mutual funds etc. to promoters of select companies. The security cover and pricing will vary from case to case depending on the quality and liquidity of the collateral. The tenor of these products is proposed to be in the range of 6 months to 3 years.


Bill Discounting converts receivables into cash thereby improving liquidity position of the company and resulting in a healthy and continuous cash flow vital for the business to run smoothly. With this product, Clients will be able to leverage their relationships in sourcing low cost funds. Funding will be based on the credit-worthiness of the client's customers. In this transaction FCL pre-pays against the credit invoices that Clients regularly raise on their established buyers. In settlement of this obligation, the buyers pay FCL on the respective due dates directly.